How To Decorate Your Home Office According To Your Zodiac Signs?

Your home office is a very personal space. It reflects your personality, your working habits. Having things that will help you to stay productive is all you need. However, when it comes to decorating your home office, often, you don’t know where to start. Also, although it seems cliché but many of our choices, are dictated by our zodiac signs.

Well I’ve no scientific evidence of that and I’m certainly no astrologer or fortune teller, I came to this conclusion based on my keen observation. 😉

For example, I’m a Virgo and my inclination is towards minimalist office décor, whereas being Aries, my sister loves something very extravagant or gaudy. (I’m not being judgy, just a that is how we are…)

I’m providing you with some guidelines for each zodiac sign and a color scheme that may be more suitable for your taste.

If it doesn’t match your taste, hey don’t blame me, blame the astro gurus of the internet… 😛

Let’s start…

01 – Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars and in ancient mythology, he is the God of War. So, a trademark color for Aries is red. They love red and subtlety is not their thing. They are over the top and their choices are also as flamboyant as they are.

Also, they find it very hard to sit still and have too much of energy and also they are very confort seeking.

Their element is fire.

Furniture choices should be plush, cushy, and also, have a comfortable cushioned sofa with some pillow in the office.

Also, have wooden furniture that has a touch of grandeur or antique finish. The main color choice should be shades of red and pair it with beige.

Color Pallet: Aries will have a fire color pallet and it includes shades red, orange, blue, and violet.

Aries Home Office Color Scheme-min

02 – Taurus

According to ancient astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus. However, in the modern Astrology, this sign is ruled by Mercury.

Taurus is a creature of habit and loves comfort. Their decor should include soft velvety touch or something like a leathery sofa.

Also, nicely framed pictures with wooden frame will be liked by them.

They should have everything required at arm’s length as they hate to get up from their desk to fetch something.

A lot of cabinets at the back or an utility area or a small panty at the side of desk will be ideal.

Color Pallet: Since Taurus is an earth sign any earth shade will suit them perfectly. If you use the following colors, you will feel very comfortable working in your home office. Use green, pink, white and black. Different shades of brown will also appeal to your taste.

Taurus Home Office Color Scheme-min

03 – Gemini

Gemini is an ever-changing air sign and is ruled by Mercury. They are filled with ideas and don’t like the traditional way of things.

Also, they love gadgets and that can also set the tone of office management like, in place of analog clock, they might want to have a digital clock, and they will not stop at that, until their clock has a notification feature and can play songs which can be synced with their smartphone and laptop.

You get the idea…

Also, this will be far from boring…they will have almost everything with a twist…being ordinary or normal is not their thing…

Having a quirky office space will inspire them to thrive..

Color Palette – Use shades of Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue. Silver and Gray also works well in your office space.

Gemini Home Office Color Scheme-min

04 – Cancer

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and is a cardinal sign. They are moody and always strive to be their best.

However, you don’t like monotonous things and require an emotional touch. Having a photo that is close to your heart in your office space can serve as an anchor.

You favorite item in your home office will be anything that puts you at more ease like a soft blanket or a furry rug under your feet.

Use anything that feels comfortable to you…and for the color pallet use the following.

Color pallet – Seaweed Green, Sea Glass Blue, Sky Blue, Sand-like Brown, Whitish Gray.

Cancer Home Office Color Scheme-min

05 – Leo

Leo is the second fire sign of the three and is a fixed sign. Leo likes to make everything grand. You have a larger-than-life approach.

You are very energetic when it comes to work and you don’t stop until the goal is achieved. Being a fire sign the color that appeal to you are red, yellow and orange.

Also, you will naturally gravitate to the color gold.

So, to have a office that transcends your energetic nature, include all these colors, and balance them out with generous use of white.

This will give your home office the luxuriousness and professionalism of Leo.

Color Pallet – Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, some shades of Green.

Leo Home Office Color Scheme-min

06 – Virgo

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and being a Virgo myself I know how fussy and picky I can be. Also, I don’t like things in my space that doesn’t have practical utility. A mere decorative piece annoys me as I feel, it is a waste of space.

My home office also carries this theme and since I like to keep things a bit organized, I’ve got some shelves and table with drawers.

This keeps me sane during time of need, I don’t have to fumble.

For me and the Virgos I know, earth colors are preferable. This gives us a sense of peace and balance. My workspace carries this theme and I feel at peace when I walk into that space in the morning.

Color Pallet – Forest tones and other shades of Green, Earthy Tones and a variety of Brown tones.

Virgo Home Office Color Scheme-min

07 – Libra

Libra is a air sign and you are an idealist. However, you are light-hearted and sophisticated. Your color pallet flaunts these characteristics of yours.

You like harmony. So, your office has to have the same feel like your rest of the home. It should not feel off balance or you will become too stressed with this.

Also, when arranging the furniture in your office, scatter them throughout the space. Having one side heavy with furniture and the other without any will throw the balance off the space and you will get irritated each time you walk in to your office.

Your color pallet accommodates a lot of colors and you are not afraid to show them off, however, you do that with style and balance.

Color Pallet – Lavender, Pink, some shades of Blue, some shades of Yellow, Brown and Grey.

Libra Home Office Color Scheme-min

08 – Scorpio

Scorpios are intense and are very private. You need to keep things away from the public eyes. So, for your a closed space for everything is ideal.

Your office should have a lot of cabinets and drawers with locking systems in place.

Also, your choice of colors conveys your intense and stylish personality and you prefer colors that are on the heavier side of the spectrum.

Color Pallet – Blue, Deep Blue, shades of Purple, shades of Crimson, shades of Forest Green.

Scorpio Home Office Color Scheme-min

09 – Saggitarius

Traditional yet modern. A home office for a Sagittarius should have a lot of openness and light.

You love a lot of light be it natural or artificial. Having a lot of light awakens the place of work. This openness breaks the monotony and will make you more productive.

Being a fire sign, you love the fire colors especially Orange and Yellow.

Also, you would love to have furniture made of real wood, not particleboards or MDFs, or steel. This could be because of the traditional nature of your style.

Color Pallet – Navy Blue, Darker Green, Orange, Yellow, and shades of Brown.

Sagittarius Home Office Color Scheme-min

10 – Capricorn

Capricorn being an earth sign tend to have a more practical approach while setting up their home office.

You like to setup things once and forget. You are not the type to waste your brain power on something again and again.

However, you like to have creature comforts and your colors are earthly tones. So, suede, wood, and a lot of cushioning goes a long way for a capricorn.

However, you like a send of balance, so nothing will be striking or attention seeking in your environment. But will convey the subtle and delicate balance that your nature have.

Color Pallet – White, Grey, Black, Beige, Brown, Ivory, Forest Green, Bluish Green and a hint of Purple.

Capricorn Home Office Color Scheme-min

11 – Aquarius

You have a very independent thought process and you live in your intellectual world rather than emotional. Yon think differently and is very innovative in your approach.

For you, the more innovative looking your home office is, the better. However, you will not forego the practicality just for the sake of innovation.

A quirky desk or floating shelves with a tilt works great. You will pick each piece of your furniture with a bit of twist.

Also, your color pallet has a wide range of colors and almost everything works from the lighter Lavender to darker greens.

Color Pallet – Lavender and shades of Purple, Shades of Green, Yellow, Orange, Silver and Grey.

Aquarius Home Office Color Scheme-min

12 – Pieces

Pisces has a creative mind. They love to live in their imaginative world. Your choice of decor will be soft and creative.

There will be subtle colors and softer shades. The look and feel will be dreamy and flowy. It will be a perfect mixture of sensitivity and will also bring forward your vulnerable side.

A lot of pillows and cushions will be your thing. This setup may work for you.

Color Pallet – Lighter shades of Green, lighter and brighter shades of Blue, brighter shades of Pink, brighter and lighter shades of Yellow, and Lavender.

Pisces Home Office Color Scheme-min

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