24 Best Lighting For Zoom Calls And Video Conferencing In 2021

Zoom Calls have become a standard for most online meetings and many of us have to attend them during odd hours. Chances are you are at home or your spouse and kids are at sleep. You don’t want to wake them up but you cannot take the meeting in the dark either. Or your home office light is not sufficient for these calls or the light source is behind your back.

In all such scenarios, you would need a separate light for your zoom calls. Although we have selected some excellent lights for a lot of scenarios, we found that ACMEZING Store Video Conferencing Lighting Kit will work in most of the zoom lighting scenarios. This makes it one of the top lighting solutions for zoom calls.

If you want to find some other options, you will find a bunch of them in the below sections. We have selected the best light for different video conferencing and zoom call scenarios. You will surely find one that suits your scenario.

Best Lighting For Zoom Calls And Video Conferencing

Best Lighting For Zoom Calls

Video Conferencing
Lighting Kit
  • Compact.
  • Portable.
  • Clip or stand.
Lume Cube
Broadcast Lighting
  • Multiple luminosity.
  • Standard USB C-port.
  • Built-in light diffuser.
Cyezcor Reading
Light/Led Gooseneck
  • Multiple color and brightness.
  • 360 degrees lighting angle.
  • Sturdy clip.

Reviews : Best Lighting For Zoom Calls

There are a lot of options that are available for zoom call or video conferencing lighting. However, not are suited for every space or requirement. Also, the CRI level for some may not be good and you may look like sitting in a not-so-professional space.

We have tried our best to pick a custom light for a lot of specific needs. However, if you have any specific needs, please let us know, and we will help you out with your choices. Now let’s find out what we have in store for you.

1. ACMEZING Store Video Conferencing Lighting Kit, Zoom Lighting: Best Lighting For Zoom Video Calls

If you need some extra light or need a portable solution for your zoom call and video conferencing needs, then is one of the best lighting solutions available.

It is small yet powerful and comes with multiple mounting options. You can use it with a clip or with the flexible tripod that comes with it. However, you cannot height adjust this one as the tripod is pretty much fixed in length.

However, you can tilt this ring light and will get a complete tilt up to an angle of 180 degrees. This is sufficient in most cases and is perfect for your video conferencing needs.

You can use the lighting mainly in two ways…You can use it as a direct light or with the help of a tripod, you can use it as an overhead light.

It is perfect, even if you are sitting in completely dark during those late-night meetings. It will brighten up your space, but the light is not far traveling and will not spread a lot. Perfect focus on you but no disturbances to sleepy heads.

Also, you can choose from 5 color temperatures and 5 brightness levels…and you will be able to get the perfect lighting every time.

It comes with 64 10W beads and will provide you with the perfect meeting environment every time.

2. Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls On iPad

This is a small rectangular light, that is the size of your smartphone. It will provide you with soft light as there is a diffuser-like front panel present.

It will provide you with almost professional quality light which is not sharp and onto your face. It doesn’t have blinding or prickly brightness, like typical LED lamps and you can be comfortable throughout your video conferences.

Being a small-sized light, you can easily move it around. Also, it can be easily fitted on a tripod if you need some extra height.

The best part is, this light comes with a tripod, which can be either fixed to its legs, or to a strong suction cup. The suction cup is also included when you purchase the light.

You may easily fit it on a iPad and can attend your zoom calls from there.

To adjust the brightness you can gradually increase it from 1% to 100% and can choose any color temperature from 3200K (warm) to 5600K (cool).

Not only as an accessory to your iPad, but you can also use it easily with the webcam that you use with your desktops.

3. Yoozon LED Desk Ring Light: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls At Home

This is a gorgeous-looking ring light that you can easily use for your zoom calls at home. You can use them with your laptop, desktop, and even your smartphones as it comes with a smartphone holder.

You can rotate the ring 360 degrees to get the optimal placement for light. You can also adjust the stand of the light for the required height.

Excellent for nighttime calls or if you take calls from darker areas of your home. Lightweight and portable and comes with lots of adjustments.

It has 10 levels of brightness adjustments and 3 different light modes. The stand is black in color and comes with a disc base which makes it stable.

This is very stylish to look at and with a silver colored piece as adjuster, it looks really elegant.

It has 96 light beads that provide you with excellent light. However, one drawback that I found is that, you cannot detach the ring light from the base. You cannot attach it to any clip or suction cup and that may be some minor inconvenience to you.

Other than that, if you work from home constantly and work during the wee hours of the day, this is the perfect light for your video conferences.

4. EACHSHOT Video Conference Lighting Kit with Clamp Mount 4.5″ Clip-On Ring Light: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls At Night

With follow the sun model, many of us have to take late-night calls, be it hand over or escalation or just maybe attending some debugging session.

Problem is, if you take calls at night, your family will be sleeping…you may not be in a position to turn the light on.

Also, the light from your laptop or desktop screen is not sufficient. This problem magnifies if you take the call from your smartphone…

Inevitably you would need a lighting solution that will provide enough light to you to take calls at night, yet will not disturb others.

EACHSHOT Video Conferencing Kit can be that solution. It is small with a diameter of 4.5″ with a clip-on feature. You can attach it to any device of yours.

Also, it has 3 color temperatures such as white light, warm light, and natural light. You can also vary the brightness at 10 levels from 3000K – 6800K.

Not only with a clip, but you can also attach it to any tripod or similar stand for more height. However, the brightness may not be as great but then again, this provides you with additional flexibility when using this light at night during your zoom calls.

5. Jelly Comb Bicolor LED Light for Video Conference, Photography, Remote Working, Self Broadcasting and Live Streaming: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls With Glasses

You wear glasses may be as a reading glass or you need it for clear visibility, you will have to deal with the glare problem.

There are a lot many choices for video conferencing light, however, not all are suited for glasses. With them, you will have to deal with additional glare from the light.

This is where Jelly Comb Bicolor LED zoom conferencing light differs. It comes with a diffuser which you can attach to it. It will soften the light and you will not have to deal with any glare.

If you are choosing a light for video conferencing and you wear specs, this may turn out to be the best option for you.

We already know about the diffuser…apart from that, you have multiple settings for color temperature and you can change it in 100K increments from 3100K to 5500K. This means you are free from only three choices presets.

Also, it has multiple mounting options, like a clamp and tripod. The tripod for this lamp can be height adjusted and it can rotate a full 360 degrees and forward and backward tilt of around 180 degrees.

The size of this model is around 60.1mm and 112.8mm which makes it very portable. Overall, you will get the best bang for your buck.

6. FDKOBE Lighting Kit with Webcam Style Mount for Laptop/Computer, for Remote Working, Zoom Lighting: Best Lighting For Computer Zoom Conference Calls

This is a compact light that is suitable for most conference call situations. It is in the shape of a small square and the light is controllable from 1% to 100%.

The thickness of this light is not like the previous one, however, it is not at all bulky. It comes with a webcam-style mounting and you can tilt it up to an angle of 75 degrees.

You can use it with both flat type and curve display. However, with a curved display, the light will fall at an angle which you will have to take into consideration.

It is a decent light, which can light up up to a distance of 1 meter.

You may carry it safely with the in-kit storage bag and having a c-port/USB charger, you can charge it easily.

Overall, it is a decent light, which is friendly to your pocket.

7. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps With Adjustable Angles: Best Desk Lighting For Zoom Calls

Using a table lamp can be great for video and zoom calls. TaoTronics is one of the best desk lights available. You can use it not only for zoom calls but also for reading and other purposes.

It is stylish, dimmable, and comes with 5 color modes from 2700K to 6000K. Also, it has 7 brightness levels which are suitable for almost all desk purposes.

You can control it using a touch panel and is not harsh for your eyes. Also, you will be able to tilt the head to 135 degrees and swivel for 90 degrees or you can get a base tilt of 150 degrees and swivels 45 degrees.

This desk lamp uses energy efficient LED and can reduce your electricity bill up to 75 percent.

8. selfila Store Video Conference Lighting Kit 3200k-6500K Dimmable Led Ring Lights: Best Halo Lights For Zoom Calls

If you are a fan of halo lights but not sure if you can use them for zoom calls, here is the good news. This halo light from selfila will produce light of 3200K to 6500K and is dimmable.

This is portable and comes with a mounting clip and can be clipped on to your video conference set up easily.

It is small and portable and can be separated from the clip for easy portability. It has 48 LEDs which can be lit up using any USB power supply including a power bank.

If you think that, the clip may damage your device, then worry not. Both the mouth edges are lined with soft material and will not damage your laptop in any way.

This ring light, however, is not good, if you wear glasses. It will have some glare and you may be comfortable with that for your meetings.

Another shortcoming is that you cannot use it with curved monitors and any device that has a thickness of more than 1.35 inches…You can overcome this, using a clamp, as the light can be easily detached from the clip.

9. SUMK Video Conference Lighting Kit: Best Lighting Kit For Zoom Calls

This is a unique-ish ring light that looks like a golden wreath. It is beautiful to look at and will provide you with enough light to have a great zoom call.

This is also a clip-on light which is really small. You would every time you turn it on as it will remind you of those fairs you used to visit as a child.

It comes with 4 buttons which are Power ON/OFF, Brightness increase, and decrease color conversion. Also, you can adjust the angle up to 360 degrees.

Although there are a lot of good things about this lighting kit, there are some drawbacks. You cannot use it with curved or thick monitors. The clip attached to the base of the light opens 0.5 inches.

So, for older laptops and monitors, it may not work. Also, these are not suited for curved screens as the clip has a straight edge. However, the edges are lined with foam type of material and will not mark your devices.

Other than these, this light is suitable for not only zoom calls but also for other various online things like live streaming, video shooting, etc.

10. LED Video Lighting Kit with Wireless Remote, Dazzne D50(2 Packs) Dimmable Bi-Color 15.4“ LED Panel Light Stand, 45W 3000K-8000K CRI>96 Studio Light for Video Shooting, Live Stream, Photography, YouTube: Best Overhead Lighting For Zoom Calls

If you don’t like a small light on your face during your zoom calls, then you can use an overhead light for this.

While most of the lights are like ring lights and cube lights above have a CRI of more than 90, the moment you switch to something like a standalone light, you have to be aware of the CRI.

These overhead lights come from a lot of brands and many will have a CRI of less than 80. This will provide that greenish tings to your setup over video calls and will look very unprofessional.

However, this one from Dazzne will provide you with a CRI of greater than 96 and will provide you with that professional look. Again if you use a softbox with this light, it will provide you lighting that is equivalent to studio lighting.

Also, you can control the light temperature from 3000K to 8000K and can control the brightness from 0% to 100%.

It comes with a tripod and remote control for the light and you can adjust the light directly from your desk.

Overall, an good option for overhead lighting during your zoom calls.

11. GREATSSLY LED Dimmable Ring Light: Best Natural Lighting For Zoom Calls

When it comes to natural light, most of us prefer sunlight. To get that, we place our desks near the window and you are good to go…

This theory is good to imagine, but most of us don’t have a glass, window, or luxury of taking the call during the daytime…

But we still want natural light…Now what?

If you have something like this GREATSSLY LED Dimmable Ring Light, this is somewhat possible…Although it is not like sunlight, it will provide you with light that will make you feel like natural light.

It has some settings and you can get a light temperature from 3000K to 8000K and has 10 levels of brightness.

You can set it up on any screen and is not only suited for zoom calls and video calls, you can use it for chatting, online classes, and a lot of other things.

Also, the price point is decent and you will not feel the pinch of owning this.

12. Mastten Ring Light for Laptop, Phone: Best Ring Lights For Zoom Calls On Laptop

Taking your calls from your laptop? Then Mastten Ring Light can make your life a lot easier.

It is bright enough to light up your immediate working space, however, it is not blinding to make you want to wear a shade.

It is also very portable and will carry it with your laptop if the need be. It has 10 levels of brightness and 3 color temperatures.

The mounting clip of this laptop comes with silicone lining so that your devices don’t get scratches.

It comes with two mounting options, one is the clip that I just spoke about, and the other is a tripod.

This ring light is USB powered and can be lit up using various types of power supplies like desktops, laptops, power banks, adapter, USB sockets, etc.

Not only for zoom calls, but you can also utilize this light for various other purposes like photography, live streaming, teaching online, bedside light, reading light, with a desktop and a webcam…

It comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter which comes in very handy if you are heavy on photography…

13. fansrocck Portable Video Conference Lighting For Remote working: Best Portable Lighting For Zoom Calls

It is a rimless light and small in size. In some cases, it is much smaller than your smartphones. You can easily carry it while clipped on to your device and can take your zoom or other calls like Meet now, Google Meet…etc…

You can attach them easily to your mobile for FaceTime or Skype or just to take a better selfie…

Although small in size, it is packed with features that will come in handy during your video calls.

It has multiple lighting modes which vary from 3200K (warm) to 5600K (cold)…or you can mix the lights to get a more natural look.

You may also adjust the brightness from 1% to 100% for all the color temperatures.

It has a built-in 2000mAh battery which can provide you with sufficient light for 150 minutes at 100% and more than 24 hours at 10% brightness. If not, you can always light it up using its USB power cable.

Also, I love the way the LEDs are arranged…If you go for the warm light setting, only the yellow LEDs will light up whereas if you go for a cold setting, only the white LEDs will light up…For a more natural setting, both colored LEDs will work together…

The best thing about this is, all of this is visible through the diffuser panel at the front…which gives it a very stylish look…

You can tilt the light to full 180 degrees giving you complete flexibility of the light placement…

Like the others, it cannot be attached to a curved screen and if you are a bit away from your screen, the brightness will not be enough…

However, it is easy on your pocket and truly portable…

14. UBeesize LED Video Light Kit: Best Room Lighting For Zoom Calls

If you have a dedicated office space then you may want to light up your entire room for your zoom calls.

In that case, you have two options…the first one is to go for an overhead light as we mentioned earlier. However, there is another option that will provide you with a lot more flexibility.

Use a LED lighting kit like UBeesize LED Video Kit. This can function as an overhead light, or you can use the diffuser present in the kit, to get a soft and professional light during your calls.

Also, it comes with a tripod, so you don’t have to worry about making it stand…This can also serve you well if you are into content creation…it has multiple colored diffusers, that will provide you with great background glows like blue, read, and yellow…

It has 66 energy-saving lamp beads that provide you with better quality light and you will not have to deal with the green-colored tinge as in low CRI tube lights.

These are USB powered lights and can be lit up using various power sources…

Also, I would prefer this lighting kit as it has two lights included and costs much lesser than other similar lighting kits…


If you are tired of seeing ring lights and other professional lights, here is one light that can be a nice alternative for your calls…

This is an RGB LED Tube Light that can be used during your video calls. You can select a color temperature from 1600K to 20000K and has a CRI of 96+. This will produce a natural-looking environment and will not distort the colors during your calls.

You can just stick it to some metal surface, or you can attach it to a tripod as well. This is a nice light that can be multipurpose and you can easily charge it using a C port.

This is a waterproof light that has a built-in Li-ion battery and can produce light for 2 hours with a 4-hour charge.

This is one thing I felt is a small drawback as sometimes the escalation meetings go on for 3-4 hours at a stretch. In such cases, this light may run out of charge halfway…you can attach it to your laptop for charging, but then again, this is a bit inconvenient in the middle of a call.

However, the pros outweigh the cons…for example, it has a built-in Bluetooth module and supports App remote control, it has a high CRI, it can be charged from multiple power sources, etc…

16. Switti 2-Pack(S20) Video Light with Tripod

If you have a little more budget than a ring light, go for this more premium video light. It comes with a tripod, so you don’t have to worry about the mounting part of it…

It is compatible with a variety of mounting options and can be set up on a tripod, or on a camera…

It will provide you with good quality light for that natural look…the light temperature varies from 3200K to 5600K and will serve you well during your zoom calls.

There are 118pcs LED lamp beads and you can control the brightness and the temperature of the light with the turn of a knob.

This is a good setup for that professional light experience and that too on a budget…

17. Cyezcor Reading Light/Led Gooseneck Lamp: Best Table Lamp For Zoom Calls

This is an awesome solution for a desk or table lamp, which is portable, is a ring light and has a gooseneck…

It has a clip that can be clipped on any surface of thickness less than 2.75 inches…So it can serve you as a table lamp, a bed lamp or a reading lamp…

This light also has three color temperatures, which is pretty much standard in most of the lighting options that we have provided above…

Also having a gooseneck provides it with 360 degrees flexibility…

One interesting thing is, the edges of the clip are lined with sponge type of material, also, the part that extends from the mouth to the clip hinge is covered with a cloth kind of material…

This additional material, almost guarantees that your device or your furniture will remain undamaged…

If you a lot of zoom meetings and looking for an affordable table lamp, this may be one of the best options…

18. Godox CL10 Multicolor LED Light, 10W LED: Best Office Lighting For Zoom Calls

Rather than a focused light like the ones above, this is more like an ambient or fill light and will light up your entire office room…

This is great for zoom calls like you are interviewing someone…You can control the color and thus the backdrop of the wall if you want to…

Also, this provides you with a very professional look to your office and one light is sufficient for any calls…

You can place it on your desk and use it as a focused light…Being from GODOX, it is of premium quality and should last you for a long time…

19. Lume Cube Zoom Call Lighting Kit: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls (Amazon)

When looking to purchase something, our first instinct nowadays is to visit Amazon…and rightly so…most of our requirements are present in Amazon…

That is true for even these video conference lights…but what is the best among them that is available with this giant…

I’ve found one that may be one of the best zoom call lights available in this marketplace…It has adjustable brightness, adjustable color temperature, produces soft light of professional quality, and has a long battery life…

It is small and portable and is perfect for almost any video conferencing call…plus, it is pocket-friendly…

Also, due to the suction cup, can be attached to any clear surface…You will love this light and we are sure of it…

20. Bekada LED Desk Light with Clamp: Best Lighting For Zoom Calls On Laptop

This light is similar to the gooseneck light that we have mentioned above…However, it is a bit smaller than it…

It has enough light and will not produce any blinding glare to make you uncomfortable during the meetings…

You can clip it on any edge or use the clip as a stand for the light…

Like others, with this light also, there are three modes available for color temperature and 10 levels of brightness…

This is a USB-powered light that can be lit up using almost any power source. Overall, a small and portable light, that will work for almost any of your virtual meetings…

21. Evershop Dual 8″ Computer Selfie Ring Light for Video Conference Recording

Above, I’ve covered almost all the possible scenarios that you may have to deal with during a zoom call…and you will find one light for that.

Here I’m providing you with a couple of other options which are a bit different than the ones mentioned above…

This one is a dual selfie ring light, each with a diameter of 8″…this will provide you with a good amount of light and you will have some control over them…

You can control the lights individually and is placed on goosenecks…Also, there is a third stand that can be used for smartphone mounting or webcams…or you may not use it if not needed.

This is a complete lighting kit for your zoom calls and will illuminate your face completely and will not produce any weird reflection…

This can be a good choice for your zoom calls and will produce a color temperature from 2700K to 6700K…Also, it has 9 color choices and at least a 100 level of brightness to choose from… Price-wise, it is not cheap nor it is expensive…

In short, it is a good lighting equipment that will make you look good on your zoom calls…

22. DoLike Laptop Monitor Light Bar

Above we have provided only one option for a bar kind of light. Here is another light bar that is meant for laptops and monitors…

It will sit on top of your monitor screen with the help of a non-slip clip and will produce 3 color modes from 6500K to 2800K along with 10 brightness levels for each color temperature.

One issue that you may face, if you are using it with desktops is that the power cable is not long enough and may not reach your CPU placed below your desk…

Other than that, this is a pretty decent light and you will not have to deal with the glare problem.

The front panel is made of silicone and this helps in diffusing the light…

However, I will not buy this for my monitor as the clip width may not be sufficient for a monitor…

The clip of this light comes lined with a foam kind of material and a light is adjustable up to an angle of 90 degrees…

If you keep in mind the above things while doing your research, this will prove to be a pretty good lamp for zoom meetings…

23. Elitehood 8’’ Ring Light, Led Ring Light

This is not exactly a different light than the Yoozen LED ring light mentioned above. However, this color is something I love…

The white especially looks pristine and more of a style statement than anything else…

However, functionally also this does a good job…The LED ring light that the white-colored frame hosts will provide you with light from 3300K to 6500K which is a decent range and you can get the perfect light temperature for your virtual calls.

It also comes with an adjustable phone clip which comes in handy, if you take zoom calls from your phone…

It is a USB powered light and is compatible with both Android and iPhone…

If you work from home (which has become a standard now), owing thing kind of light is a necessity.

Also, the price point is good and it should last you for a long time…

24. Taotuo Zoom Light for Computer Phone Video Conference Lighting for Laptop Desktop

This is a full-fledged ring light that is attached to a clip…It comes with all the features of the more traditional ring lights and can be attached to any surface of thickness less than 1.97 inches…

It can provide you with 360 degrees rotation and can be tilted to a maximum of 180 degrees…

Also, the three color modes are available in this light too and has 9 levels of brightness…

It comes with a 2000 mAh battery that has two different charging ports…this is different than the rest of the lights mentioned above where they have only a single port for charging and most of them have a USB C port.

This is a lightweight light and will not make your laptop screen fall back during the meeting…

If you still don’t like a light staring at you from your laptop screen, you can make it stand on the clip provided for a more comfortable experience…


What kind of lighting is best for zoom calls?

Ring lights are best for zoom calls, however, some other good options can be bar light, RGB lights, or any light that has a CRI above 90.

As presented above there are a lot of options when it comes to lighting a zoom meeting. However, while selecting a light for such meetings, consider the following…

Battery life – Some of the lights have a battery backup of 90 mins and some have a battery backup of more than 24 hours. The one you pick will depend on your requirement. However, I would prefer something which has a longer battery life than 5 hours. In my previous company, some of the calls used to extend for that time or I had to attend back-to-back meetings. Plugging into a power source may not be an option for you at that time. However, we don’t want to spend a fortune on that which is our next deciding factor.

Price and budget – There are a lot of lights that get the job done. However, not all of them may not be suitable for you. We all have a budget and there is only a certain amount of money that you would want to spend on a light. However, sometimes, spending a couple of extra bucks can get you a much better piece of light which may be very low on maintenance. If you find such an option, just go for it…

Time of the day – Sometimes, using the natural is the ideal option…but let’s say, you stay in a place where it is cloudy most of the year and natural light may not be an option for you…you need to select something that will compensate for that light. However, you may not need as bright light as when you are working at night and everyone is off to sleep.

The shape of the light – Some like ring-like and for some a cube-shaped light is all they want…To be honest, in a zoom call the shape of the light will hardly matter as you will be very near to the light source. However, you may personally prefer one over the other.

Space Available – A lot of arrangements can be done with light if you have space…if not, a laptop mountable light may be the best option…and if you are not an actor or in the modeling profession, a decent mountable light will be enough for your zoom calls…

Remote operability – When you are in your virtual meeting it is annoying for you and others if you have to get up and change your lighting setting. If you have a remote device to take care of this, that can solve this problem…

Material – This can be a make or break…for example, you may select a light bar that has a front panel material made of hard plastic…this will make the light too bright and may cause your eyes stress…However, if it is something like silicone, it will soften the light and you will not get that super bright effect…Also, you may want a metal body for your light or you may prefer plastic…these are the smaller things to consider while picking up a light…

Glare – This can provide an astounding problem if you are wearing glasses…some of the lights will come with an in-built diffuser and can solve this problem…In case you are stuck with something that doesn’t have one, you can use parchment paper as a temporary solution to this.

Where should light be for zoom meeting?

The light should be placed in front of you in the zoom meeting. You can also place it at an angle in front of you. Also, there should not be any conflicting light source opposite to your video conferencing light or directly behind you.

If you have a light source like a window or something similar behind you, then it may produce a dark shadow on your face…

Also, if you are using your zoom light at an angle, then you may need two of them as the shadow on the other side will be a bit stronger…

How to get best lighting for zoom calls?

If you want to get the best lighting for zoom calls and video conferences, here are some tips that you may follow:

CRI > 90 – This is non negotiable. If you want to look good on camera, this is a must.

Diffuser – This will provide a more professional look, even if you have a lower resolution camera.

Minimal other light – This will remove any conflict and provide your video call more professional quality.

Use a ring light – This is my personal choice…but I came to this conclusion after a lot of experiments with zoom calls…they will provide you with more uniform light.

Use energy-saving LEDs – These are brighter in general and will save you money on your electricity bill.

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