10 Best Plants For Home Office Feng Shui In 2021

What are the best plants for home office Feng Shui? Well, there are a lot of plants to pick from that are believed to bring you wealth, abundance and good luck.

However, some need a big space to thrive and some cannot live without sunlight. However, if you are looking for some plants for home office, then you will have to pick something that will survive in low light conditions.

If you cannot find one or you are confused then go for this lucky bamboo. There is a particular arrangement that is good for money and abundance.

Other than this, we have also selected some that have a very respected place in Feng Shui. You can check them out as well.

Best Plants For Home Office Feng Shui

Best Plants For Home Office Feng Shui

TOP PICK Lucky Bamboo
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easily available.
  • Perfect desk size.
Money Tree
  • Braided arrangement.
  • Air purifier.
  • Prosperity, fortune.
  • Resembles jade stone.
  • Succulent.
  • Elegant.

Detailed Review

1. Lucky bamboo

Bamboo plants are believed to create harmony in the space that they live in. They represent flexibility, strength, and freedom. Also, different arrangement of bamboo enhances differences aspects of your life.

If you keep an arrangement containing six bamboo stems, it will enhance your wealth. However, in Feng Shui one arrangement of bamboo stems is considered unlucky and even deadly…it is arrangement 4.

If you want to have an abundance of wealth and a sense of balance in your home office, keep the six-stem bamboo arrangement at your desk.

2. Money Tree

Money tree or Pachira Aquatica is a tall tree and will bring you prosperity and good fortune. The leaves to some extent look like mango leaves which are also considered auspicious in my culture.

No worship is fulfilled without the presence of mango leaves or as we call it “amro pollo”. However, the texture of Money tree leaves is much softer than mango leaves and they are a very easy plant to maintain.

They don’t need a lot of light to thrive and their stems are braided. Different braid arrangement represent different things, like 3 stems is for new beginnings and 5 represents the five-element.

You can place it at the money corner of your office or on your desk as a reminder of abundance.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plants are a type of succulent and have smooth edges. Its color and appearance are very similar to the jade stone which is a representation of money and wealth in many cultures.

Jade plants bring you good luck for the wealth if placed in the money corner or southeast corner of your house or office.

However, caring for succulents is a little tricky and they are a bit sensitive plants. If you water them every day, they will quickly turn yellow and die. Probably once a week watering or in 10 days it will keep it in good shape. Also, they would need some amount of sunlight from time to time for thriving.

These are very nice to look at and are very easy to propagate.

4. Orchids

Orchids are one of the most divine flowers on this planet. Their perfection, beauty, and grace can win hearts of everyone.

Depending on the color of the orchid you choose, it will bring that element to your life. For example, if you choose bright pink or coral…it will enhance creativity and passion. So, it will be great to place it in the marriage area of your home.

However, white orchids are great for clarity, calm, peace, and perfection. It will be great for the helpful people and blessings area and also for your career Bagua area.

Also, if you place it on your desk, it will enhance your mood and will help you to be more productive.

5. Philodendron

Philodendron belongs to the plant family Araceae. It is derived from two words, Philo or ‘love’ and dendron or ‘tree’. The leaves of these humble plants look like hearts and that is why they are named so.

They bring a relaxing and calming energy to your home office and you will get the best results when placed in the southeast or east areas of your home office. These areas represent wealth and health. Placing a relaxing and healthy plant there will strengthen that area and will bring you good fortune.

6. Peace Lily

The color of Peace Lily is white. It represents calm, peace, and harmony. It is believed to harmonize the energy of the home office and boost productivity.

It has a delicate white flower that provides a supportive and serene feeling. Also, they remove a lot of harmful pathogens from the air and keeps the air clean for breathing.

Also, you can easily maintain this plant and so you can keep them in your home office to enhance the overall mood of the place.

You can place it in the wealth area or the southeast of your home office. However, to thrive peace lily needs some amount of light. Direct sunlight may not be good for them, so place it somewhere you will get some light or use a growing light if possible.

7. Snake Plants

The snake plant is believed to be a protector and has a sword-like upward-growing foliage design. It is also believed that the Eight Gods conferred their eight virtues as gifts to those who possessed these plants.

The eight virtues are prosperity, beauty, long life, intelligence, health, art, strength, and poetry.

It is best to place this plant in the southeastern, southern, or eastern corners of your home or home office to bring in wealth and abundance.

You should also keep Snake plants for the main reason that, these are one of the few plants that produce oxygen at night as well using a method called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism or CAM.

Also, these are really hard plants to kill. You will really have to work hard to kill these plants. They can survive in low light, low water conditions and still provide you with air purification.

8. Rubber Plant

The rubber plants have luscious green leaves which are round in shape. This plant in Feng Shui represents happiness, abundance, and wealth.

Also, if you place these plants at the corners of the house, it will soften them creating a more natural flow of energy.

Place them in the wealth corner of your home office to experience abundance.

These plants are also low maintenance and have air purification properties. If you place them in medium to bright indirect light, they can survive well. Also, if you water them once a week or in 10 days they will thrive.

9. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is believed to relive a place of its dead energy and infusing positivity. If you place golden pothos in your home office, it will bring in positivity and remove any stale energy from the environment.

Also, as with any plant, they have an air purification capacity that will keep your office environment healthy.

If you place them in your home office balcony it can create a visual shield, thus protecting your work environment against sha chi originating from any hostile structure outside.

They can survive in almost any kind of environment and can adapt to even very challenging conditions.

I’ve seen money plants as they are popularly known in my culture to survive only with some water and no soil (although that is not recommended, but good to know, just in case).

10. Calathea

Calathea has dark green and round foliage. This makes them a very good choice for office Feng Shui. They will soften the sharp corners and will also purify the air.

They can survive in low light conditions and also have low water requirement.

You can place them in the money corner of your home office. You can also place them on your work desk for a more inspirational feel and mood lift.

Also, being near the plant, you will have a much cleaner breathing environment for you.


Where should plants be placed in an office?

Plants should be kept in an office where there are sloped ceilings, sharp corners, or areas that protrude out of the main wall or space. You can think of these spaces as overhanging lintons, or balconies, or something similar.

You can also place a plant at the entrance of the office to signify productivity, profitability, and overall bustling business.

If you have a home office then place a tall reaching plant like a lucky bamboo or another tall potted plant at the blessings or relationship area of the house.

You should also place plants on your work desk, be it a home office or a desk. You can use something that signifies wealth and prosperity like a six-stem lucky bamboo arrangement or a jade plant.

You can use a jade and bamboo combination by placing a jade on the desk and a bamboo palm on the side facing the entrance of your cubicle.

What are the bad luck plants?

The plants that bring bad luck are:

  • Cactus and thorny plants. This is true for all thorny plants except roses.
  • Bonsai. These plants all though look cute represents stunted growth.
  • Tamarind and Mendi plants. It is believed that evil spirits dwell in these plants.
  • Dead plants. These plants represent no energy flow and thus bring bad luck. The same goes for dry flowers.
  • Babul. These trees are thorny and can cause family disputes.
  • Cotton.
  • Potted plants placed along the North and East sides of the house. This causes the negative energy to emanate into the house.
  • Big and Tall trees in the east or north-east.

Where is the wealth corner of the house?

When you are standing at the door, facing the room, the wealth corner is at the southeast corner of the room. In other words, it is at the back left corner of the house.

Why are Fake Plants bad Feng Shui?

Fake plants are just that…fake. They symbolize something that they are not so they not have the natural power of a living plant to balance the energies. Also, this means that they don’t represent life or life energy which is the essence of Feng Shui. Plus, these plants catch dust very easily which is representative of the dead, stale energy. This is why fake plants are bad Feng Shui.

Which plant is good for money?

The rubber plant is considered good for the money. It has rounded leaves which is a symbol of money in Feng Shui. When placed in a home it is believed to bring good luck, abundance, and fortune, and an increase in wealth.

Apart from this Jade plant, lucky bamboo, snake plants are all beneficial for wealth.

Is Aloe Vera a good office plant?

No, aloe vera is not a good office plant. It is a form of succulent that has thorns or spikes throughout its leaves. Anything that has thrones or spikes (except rose) is bad for the office or home. They are believed to bring chaos.

However, many people who don’t believe in Feng Shui, trust that Aloe Vera is a good office plant. They require low light and water to thrive and you need not bother about the plant at all. Also, they have their practical usage.

And if you ask me, I’m not a fan of Aloe Vera in office. Partly because of the spiky leaves and in my culture, I’ve always seen them grow or kept outside the house. At my place, it is called “ghritakumari“.

What is the best plant for an office with no windows?

The best plant for an office with no windows is the snake plant. They can survive in minimal light and even in darkness. Also, they can maintain good health even in artificial light.

Where to place snake plant in Feng Shui?

Place snake plant in the southeastern, southern, and eastern corners of the house. These corners are enriched by the wood element of the plant and will bring you prosperity.

Is snake plant good for office?

Yes, the snake plant is good for the office. It is a tall-reaching plant that is extended upwards. They represent abundance.

Also, they are very low maintenance plants and can maintain their health with very minimal care. Plus they will purify the air in the office.

These are the reasons why snake plants are good for office.

How to choose a plant with auspicious Feng Shui?

To choose a plant with auspicious Feng Shui, check the overall health of the plant. It shouldn’t be sickly to look at and the leaves shouldn’t have brown tips or holes in them. Also, it shouldn’t be infested by worms or insects.

Also, do not pick bonsai as they represent stunted growth and plants with thorns and spikes other than the rose. Above we have listed some plants that should be avoided for bad Feng Shui. When selecting plants keep those names in mind so that you don’t accidentally pick them.

Another thing is, plants that have rounded leaves are considered auspicious in Feng Shui as this represents money.

How to identify inauspicious Feng Shui in plants?

Plants that are dying, infested with insects, or have mold are not auspicious. Also, if the leaves are brown or have holes, or are crooked to look at, then don’t pick those plants.

Also, avoid plants with sharp edges or pointy tips.

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