Why Are Secretlab Chairs So Expensive?

Secretlab Chairs are state of art chairs and provide you with excellent comfort, ergonomic support, and long durability.

They will last on and on and will show minimal wear and tear over their lifetime. However, is the high price of these chairs justified?

If you think not…let’s find out, why are Secretlab Chairs so expensive?

Why Are Secretlab Chairs So Expensive?

Secretlab chairs are expensive because of the relentless tests that go through, the continuous improvements, brand value, etc.

The price of any product is determined first by its quality and then by some of the other factors associated with it…

Here are 15 reasons why Secretlab Chairs are so expensive…

1. High Quality

One of the price-determining factors of any product is its quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price in general.

Secretlab chairs are no exception. They are of excellent quality and have become one of the top chair brands in the market because of that.

From the heavy-duty class 4 hydraulics to various kinds of tests…Secretlab does it all to ensure that you get one of the most premium and comfortable gaming chairs on the market.

2. Extreme Testing

Each Secretlab chair goes through various levels of testing to ensure that you get a very durable and comfortable chair.

It provides you with good ergonomic support and encourages you to have a good posture.

To understand the kind of testing that this chair goes through, here is a list of some of the tests that are performed on this chair:

  • Taber® Rotary Platform Abrasion Test
  • Tensile Test
  • Drop Load Proof Test
  • Backrest Load Test
  • Forward Overturning Test
  • Rearward Stability Test
  • Seating Durability Test
  • Tilt Mechanism Test
  • Armrest Durability Test
  • Swivel Test
  • Packaging Drop Test

However, all these tests cost Secretlab money and that is reflected in the price tag.

3. Maintaining Specialized Team

To provide you with the best possible experience with your chair, the company has specialized teams for different things like having an ergonomic advisory team with qualified doctors.

This improves the ergonomic experience of the chair and provides you with a painless experience.

However, the price at which any such team comes in is a premium which adds up to the price tag.

4. Comes with quality assurance from different organizations

Secretlab Chairs come with quality assurance from various authorities like:

  • intertek
  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

This increases the perceived value of the chair and Secretlab can charge a premium as they maintain such high quality.

5. Brand Value

Throughout the years Secretlab has worked hard to build the brand that is now. They have made their chairs into a state-of-the-art product that has become the benchmark for gaming chairs.

Due to this, their brand value has increased and so is the price of their chairs.

6. Continuous improvements and innovations

Secretlab chairs are good and there is no doubt about it. However, the company is not ready to stop and keeps on improving its chairs to provide you with an even better experience.

For example, with the latest version of their chairs, they have implemented the magnetic headrest and magnetic CloudSwap replacement system for armrests. This ensures arm upgrade of your chairs in seconds.

However, such innovations cost time and significant investments. To offset that, there is no other way for the company other than to increase their chair prices.

7. Labor Cost

Although many of the things in making the chairs are computer-simulated, however, that doesn’t completely eliminate manual labor.

Manual labor is expensive and this cost gets added up to the price tag of the chair.

8. Packaging Cost

The packaging of the Secretlab chairs is excellent. They are done in such a way that the chairs don’t suffer from any damage during the transportation.

How does Secretlab ensure that?

They perform package drop tests to ensure that the chairs stay safe during transport. However, this kind of packaging is an added overhead and costs the company money.

This is another component that drives up the prices of the Secretlab Chairs.

9. Courier Cost

Secretlab uses FedEx and UPS as their courier service. Both of these companies have excellent delivery networks and services.

However, they charge a premium and also keep on increasing their prices as any company would for maintaining the level of service that they provide.

This gets transferred to the price tag and you have to pay a premium for the Secretlab chairs.

10. Facility Running Cost

To develop these chairs, there must be a dedicated space for that in other words factory…However, to maintain a factory, there is a considerable amount of money gets spent on it.

The company has to deal with:

  • Utility bill.
  • Safety guidelines.
  • Emergency protocols.
  • Basic facilities for their workers, etc. to name a few.

Running such a factory is resource-intensive and is one of the factors that drive up the prices of these chairs.

11. 5-Years Warranty And 2-Years Extended Warranty

Secretlab chairs come with a 5-year warranty. If anything gets damaged or doesn’t work properly in this time span, they will replace it.

Also, if you post a picture of your Secretlab chair, they will extend the warranty by 2 more years.

This means it is safe to assume that any Secretlab chair will last for a minimum of 7 years. To come up with such a built quality, and to maintain this standard, Secretlab has a lot in the background.

However, with such a long warranty, they can sell their customers a new chair only after 7 years. So, to pull out profits they have to sell the existing chairs at a higher price.

12. High Demand

The price of any product in the market is dependent on supply and demand. The more the demand, the more the price. The more the supply, the less the price.

Currently, the demand for Secretlab chairs is very high. Due to this, the price of the chairs is also high.

13. Taxes

Taxes are something you cannot get away with. This is true for individuals as well as companies like Secretlab.

Taxes take away a considerable part of the profit. This has to be offset. To do that, this is transferred to the price tag and you end up paying more for these chairs.

14. Inflation

With every passing year, the price index of things goes up due to inflation. This is true for the raw materials, procurement, services that Secretlab uses, labor cost, utility bills…you name it, it gets increased…

To offset that, the company has no other way other than to increase the price of its products aka chairs.

This is one of the major reasons that you have to pay such a premium price for Secretlab chairs.

15. Storage Cost

The finished products need to be stored once their production is complete. For that, the companies have to lease or rent spaces. They can also own warehouses, but most of the time that is not the case.

However. leasing, renting, or maintaining a storage facility costs money. However, they directly don’t get converted into profit.

This cost is also added to the price of the chairs and this further increases the price tag of the same.

16. Marketing Cost

Along with producing great products, the brands have to increase awareness about their products, their upcoming launches, new features, etc.

For that, the most effective way is to use different forms of marketing and advertising. This is an additional cost that the company has to bear without any immediate profit.

So, this also gets added to the price tag which further increases the price of the products.

17. Pulling Through The Low-Selling Phase

Not every quarter is good for a company. In some quarters they have excellent sales whereas in others the sales are not that good.

Also, as we have seen, in the last 2 years people have changed their spending habits and they are purchasing only if that is necessary.

However, no matter the sales, the quality that the company has to maintain for its products is world-class.

That is the reason, they keep the prices of the chairs high so that they can pull through low-selling phases and still maintain their standards.

18. Maximizing Profits During High-Selling Phase

If not all the quarters are good, not all the quarters are bad. In the quarters where the selling is good, the companies have to maximize their profits so that they can pull through these low selling phases.

This is why they maintain their high prices so that it is offset by the low-selling phase.

Secretlab also has done the same thing with their chairs and that is the reason they sell at such a premium price.


There are various reasons that Secretlab chairs are expensive. Some are completely profit-oriented, whereas some are strategic.

Some of the reasons for the high prices of the Secretlab chairs are also to maintain flawless operations or to maintain their staff and facilities.

Also, with the high quality that these chairs provide you and the peace of mind and customer support, the premium price is worth it.

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